Monday, January 30, 2012

Clearing Spaces: The Living Room - Getting Started

Now I remember why I always start in the kitchen whenever I'm deciding what room to begin with, and that's because the kitchen, even when messy, is the most structured room in the house.  There are drawers, cabinets, shelf space, etc.  Whereas now, in the living room, I've entered the jungle.

It's much more difficult to navigate because:
1.) It's bigger, but more importantly
2.) There's more stuff, and
3.) Less structure

Not to mention it also houses the wayward corner otherwise known as "I Don't Know What To Do With It" Land.

Embarking on the Trail: Picking Your Route
DAY 1: consisted of stepping across the threshold of the kitchen and embarking on the first foothill of... whatever.  This happened to be Kali's bed. 

So that took up Day 1. 

I didn't want to get rid of it.  I didn't like the idea of moving it downstairs to the garage where it could potentially get dirty and possibly house a nest of baby spiders or something, so what I've decided to do is keep it since it's like an ottomon, and I'm going to get some fabric to cover it, give it new life, and put it in front of the fire.  That's where Kali always wanted to be anyway.

DAY 2:
Moving toward the center of the room. This brought me to the lake of the carpet which required some generic clearing, organizing my DVD collection, etc.

 DAY 3:
Arriving at Base Camp
Then - you just start nibbling.  I started with what's closest.  The pile of stuff that didn't sell on E-Bay.  And then, the dead plant with the plastic flamingo and we'll call it a day.
 This kind of just got spread out - I tossed some stuff in the Take Out box, and some stuff I'm re-posting, and some stuff is currently sitting on my project desk as I try to decide whether to sell or toss.  I'm mostly in a quandry because it's stuff that is nice, that should sell, but it's not the right season.  O retail!

And then the flamingo guarding the deathly plant ~

 We'll come back tomorrow!


  1. Wow, those CD's look great after you organized....the rest looks like a I also have

  2. Interesting that the CD's have a shelf to be organized on...makes it easier if there is a specific home I guess. Maybe the flamingo could go on the deck?

  3. Hey! Is that my starwars trilogy set??????

  4. Why no it's not - I bought it at a garage sale!