Monday, January 23, 2012

Clearing Spaces: The Freezer - Eeeek!

With the snowpocalypse last week I took the opportunity to empty my fridge and freezer in order to unplug it for 24 hours in the hopes that de-icing the freezer would get it to start freezing correctly.  Which meant, I had to go through everything inside it!  Scary!  I ended up with more stuff heading out to the trash than actually keeping.  Things tend to get stuffed in the freezer and forgotten about because, hey, it's a freezer!  But things do have expiration dates, not to mention, they can still get funky - and they get extra funky in my freezer which is not working quite up to par.  Enjoy the photoblog tour of my freezer ~

Don't even know what this is!

Yummy, except that....

This is what my freezer does ~

Expired cous cous - it's probably okay, but if I haven't eaten it since last year, it might be time to go
Strawberries - expired last June
Trash Bag 1

More expired strawberries
? Corn meal ???
Quinoa!  Probably okay, but...
Freezer burned veggie patty

Expired few months ago

Freezer furred mangos

2 Trash Bags of ex-freezer tenants


Oh my!

Here is the after - and I have plans to get some organizers in here in the future:

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