Friday, January 20, 2012

Clearing Spaces: Kitchen Cupboards - Part 1

Like I said before, I'm starting with the easier stuff.  This kitchen cabinet was another area that I previously organized, however as you go through your stuff, you still come across things you forgot were there - or didn't even know were there.  Some of them can be happy surprises - and some of them, well - not so much.  One reason I'm doing this blog and this whole task is to keep my mind off the fact that my dog is gone - and my cat too - so I'm feeling pretty lonely.  I do think one of the hardest things to do, for anyone when they lose someone, is the question, "What do I do with the stuff?"  My dog wasn't a person (obviously) so she didn't leave behind a mass accumulation of things, but still, as I'm going through, things crop up that remind me of her.  Some things are very obviously still there, like her couch - and to be honest, I have things still around from my cat who died earlier last year as well that I didn't want to let go of right away, but I'm ready to now - doesn't mean it's really easy, but it's necessary. 

So, as you go through your stuff, things come up.  Just little things - and some are going to be more difficult to deal with.  Do you throw it away?  Do you move it to an intermediate space where you're more aware of it so you can perhaps get rid of it later when you're ready?  I think these things will come up more and more as I go through the house.  They have already and I'm not even out of the kitchen yet!!!

Cleaning supply cabinet and nest o'cords

THAT'S where I put the paper bags!

Can one have too many cords???  I'm thinking yes!

Especially since I seem to have:
1.) several of the same type of cord; 
2.) a TV attachment to(ahem) bunny ears?!
3.) a 20' yellow 2-prong extension cord that I don't think I've ever used

BUT maybe I will use it!!!  That's what the voices say :)
I'm thinking that if I haven't used it ever, I don't think I ever really will

What's left behind after the cord trimming:

 What's going:

Added to the week's Take-Out Box!

Sad face :(
Carefully placed into the recycling bin

 Bottom Shelf: After

Now - for all the cleaning supplies!

Everything I actually use goes into the neat little organizer carryall thing...

And everything I don't, goes away:
1.) The Method floor cleaner that I can't stand the smell of is going to Mom;
2.) Uhhhh, the EMPTY Simple Green bottle is going away; and so is the 
3.) EMPTY Comet bottle; along with the
4.) 7th Generation powder dishwasher detergent that (sorry 7G) but DOESN'T WORK!!!


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  1. Wow the cord sorting was impressive. I tried some of the special organic dishwasher soap too. It took the paint off my dishes!!