Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clearing Spaces: Kitchen Drawers - Part 1 of 2

In reality, I am out of the kitchen!  But in blog reality, I'm not quite finished.  So here is the first installment of clearing through the drawers. 

Top Drawer: Pretty clean but even still, I was kicking myself for not buying another filter for my water pitcher, but lo and behold, I already have one right here!  Even though it's in plain sight, if you're unaware what you have, you don't remember to even look.

The Hard One
As usual, step 1 is to always take everything out to see what you have, and therefore be able to start deciding what you don't need.

My mom has a dog, so it's nice to give this stuff away rather than just throwing it out.

This is weird I know - but the weirdest things can have their emotional impact.  This is something that the vet gave me to try and feed my cat with the night before she died.  Just this thing was hard to let go - I tried to justify potentially keeping it by thinking maybe I'd need it if I foster a cat in the future... but I decided that it really needs to go because it carries such an emotional (negative) weight with it, that's it not an object that needs to be in the house.  It's hard to let go - but, when you think about what you're making room for, that can help with the decision.

My cat's dish - which I decided not to let go.  But rather, I chose a different location for it...

The pet food cupboard - which is upcoming on the list to be cleared -
What's left? 
Gardening gloves - 
They can go with the other gloves in the hallway
 Moonflower seeds & Miracle Gro - 
They can go in the cupboard with the fish food - I don't really have a gardening area, these are the only 2 gardening type things I have, so it makes sense for now.
and the clump of sticky Christmas window gels?
They can go into the scary hallway closet with the other Christmas decorations...

3rd Drawer: The Plastic Bag Drawer

This can go

All the other bags can get stuffed into this container where they belong
What happens when I take the drawer out to give it a clean?

Well, I find more bags....

4th Drawer: Reusable Bag Drawer

I have an overabundance of bags!
Let's do something about that.

3 "Lunch" Bags.  Do I really need 3? The middle one I didn't even know I had because it was stuffed behind the drawers, and the red one I thought I lost, but it was just buried under all my other bags.
Also - do I really need 2 drawers for bags???


Adding 3 bags to the Take Out pile

Making 2nd Drawer into my Lunch Drawer
 I'm really bad about taking my lunch with me.  What better way to encourage this than to put all my lunch accessories into one place? 


One empty drawer - whatever will I do with it?

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