Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clearing Spaces: Kitchen Cupboards - Part 2

Now things are starting to get a little bit messier in terms of: Does it stay?  or Does it go?  This cupboard, not too badly organized, however, there are a few problems up in here:

It contains all my cookbooks - and I put them up here because, frankly, I don't ever really use cookbooks.  They're good to have - I know that if I want to make some sort of sauce, well I seem to have a book that contains 400 different kinds - and I can also learn how to make 750 cocktails apparently too :)  Do I use them?  Well NO.  Do I get rid of them?  Well, technically they're leaning toward the Clutter Out checkmark list, but I'm going to keep them (for now) because I want to be the type of person who uses cookbooks - and I've got some good ones!!!  (I can hear the professional space clearers jeering at me already)

The questions to ask yourself when confronted with the question of Does It Stay or Go?:
  • Do I use it often?
  • Do I have space for it?
  • Is it something that's broken or unfinished?
My solution:
1.) Organize the cookbooks into categories

Cocktails; Sauces: Vegetarian Cookbooks; and, "General" cookbooks (Martha)
 2.) Give them a space in the kitchen where I see them and can more easily access them

 Like here!
I have nicely organized Smithsonian magazines - and stacked on top Real Change newspapers

Let's change this up!  
 1.) I'm putting the Real Change newspapers into the "I Don't Know What To Do With It" Box...

2.) Same for the Smithsonians, which I'm going to steal the plastic container from one set to...

Now - I'm also hiding some additional "cookbooks" in a drawer - a year's worth of Vegetarian magazines, so in the interest of getting everything sorted into similar groupings, I think I need to get these incorporated:
Peel off the layer of other stuff to get to them first...
Move them to their new location:
Magazines and some of the thinner cookbooks go into the organizer, and the rest stacked against the wall: 

Add a candle that was in need of a home for a little decoration

Don't really want to be looking at this ad everyday...

There - done and done!


2.) While yes I have space for the things up there: mixing bowl, smoothie maker thing, etc. - there are some problems, like:

The thing's cracked!!!
And not just on one side -

2 sides!

This Hamilton Beach smoothie mixer thing? 
I believe I've used it once and ended up scratching the metal cup thing -
but, I just don't use it, even if it is nice and shiny ;)

And this?
I don't even know what this is!!!

So, of everything up there, the only thing I know I've used is the metal mixing bowl I think I got at the Dollar Store.  It needs a new home because it doesn't quite fit, so it's going to a different cupboard that I'll get to later:

So, what's left over?
Plastic pitcher can stay; fish food can stay...
 And filling up the Take-Out Box

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