Monday, August 22, 2011


There are signs that tell us where to go, when to go, how to go.  Mechanically anyway, there are signs.  There are Stop signs, there are stop lights, go lights, slow lights.  There are traffic revision signs.  Detour signs.  Don't feed the raptor! signs.  All sorts of signs. We live with signs and don't think much of them.

What about other signs along the way?  I had the experience today that I was thinking about, actually I had a running dialogue in my head, about this worry I've been having, whether it's going well or isn't.  Am I being too optimistic or is this real?  What is real?  Is pessimism more real than opti-?  And then a red bug flew past my face and landed on the wall next to me.  It was a ladybug.

I take things like that as signs.  Which might mean I'm just crazy, but that's how I roll.  I see a ladybug fly past my face as I'm having a heated internal dialogue about something, and I take that as a sign for, "Luck."  Maybe, maybe not - but the feeling inside at least is, everything's okay.  Babe, you're on the right track.

I can't imagine this doesn't happen to other people.  At the very least, we've all experienced the kneejerk reaction when we hear a song that used to be "our" song - or at least the song that made you think of someone special.  You're immediately flooded with emotion that would match how you'd react if the person were actually standing in front of you: happiness, sadness, anger, irritation, whatever.

I also recently experienced, while debating about whether I should go this direction or that direction in my life, should I join this group or that group, that's when I looked up and saw an ad for one of the groups I'm debating joining.  I didn't take that as a full throttle 'answer' but it definitely added to the sway of that group.  And why?  Just because I happened to look up and see their poster?  Well... yeah.

I think the answers are out there, we just have to pay attention.

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