Friday, August 19, 2011

Because It's Friday... And We Want What We Want

And I'm feeling a bit lazy and slightly melancholy, I don't have anything terribly witty to write today.  I could tell you that I ate pho last night and burnt my tongue, I rode my bike to the cupcake shop and spent about two hours staring at some pages that needed editing of which I think I got through, oh... half a paragraph?  I could also tell you I booked a massage for myself tonight... which reminds me, I was actually going to write a little something about that.

Picture a girl who's down in the dumps, no specific reason, just stressed and worried - she's been fixating for awhile on a certain issue and frustration (I realize I'm being vague, but it's so you can input yourself here too) - and she has a momentary realization, which is this: I've been fixating on the lack of something, but what would it feel like to have it?  Well, it would feel like this!  Happiness.  We don't have to punish ourselves because we don't have the things we want, we can actually have them now, just maybe not in exactly the precise form we're hoping for.  If you're lacking in love, you can give that to yourself (that sounds perverted, but you can take that any way you want).  I'd like to be getting flowers, well I can buy them for myself - I'd like to be giving someone a massage, well, I can get myself a massage.  I'd like to be going to dinner with someone, I can take myself out.

Same applies for things we want or people we'd like to be.  I want to be a superstar (insert whatever - author).  There's no harm in writing the words: I am a famous author - on a piece of paper and putting that in your wallet, is there?  And, you can tag on whatever else you want.  Rich... I've published thirty spy novels and won 11 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, or whatever.  I'm the awesomiest awesome paraglider to ever fly the friendly skies. 

Hmmm - and I was just going to post a link as my cop out for the day, which is this guy's blog I stumbled across.  He has a lot of great motivational and inspirational articles, and what I liked is that his articles are easy to relate to, they're not preachy or glaringly Tony Robbins'ish - instead, they're actually helpful!

So take a look:

Have a great weekend!

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