Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daily Bravery

I've been thinking recently about things I'd like to change.  But, everything seems so monumental.  Which is why I like the little steps.  I'm going to attempt to do one brave thing a day (writing this blog is my Daily Brave today).  It can be the smallest thing, but it's those small things we veer away from that hold little aspects of fear.  Why else do we veer away?  I think the hardest part is simply identifying that you're afraid and making that mental note to yourself to then do something about it.  I made a list of things I'd like to focus on, things like: submit a story, research agents, to the more mundane (apply for a job I don't think I'm qualified for - but even braver, research "dream jobs" and then apply for one).  Flirt with someone.  Contact an organization I'm interested in and ask them some questions I've wanted to know.  Go to a swing dance class.  Go to a social meetup.  Go speed dating.  Post a status that may be controversial.

When it comes to bravery, it doesn't have to be heartstopping fear that we feel, and the outcome doesn't have to be on par with being in battle.  Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is give yourself permission to have fun.  To join in.  Smile - and actually mean it.  As I go, I'm sure I'll have to modify.  However, I also know it's important to take stock of the little things I did throughout the day.  I'm sure we are all braver than we give ourselves credit.  I can already think of a few things I did today that I would qualify as brave.  I will be documenting this project via a Twitter account:  Feel free to follow along, or post your own as well!

Happy Day,

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